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Bring Your Own Angels
I auditioned for Bring Your Own Improv these past two weeks (appearing at both auditions and participating in some of the shows). And i officially got called back and am going to be a guest member of the group (as part of my callback) on Friday, September 18th at 11PM! I am very very excited and i just hope everything works out! I really have decided that i want to pursue a teaching job and improv as my immediate plan post college. The teaching bit means i would have to get into grad school somewhere close if i want to stay in BYOI, if i get in at all that is!

Angels in America rehearsals are going well, i only need to be there for 45 minutes today which kind of stinks because my family went to Six Flags today. They assumed i could just miss the 45 minute rehearsal, but with the intensity of the rehearsal and the fact that i already had to miss one because of Fools means i cant really miss another! I am liking how my character is developing, im reading the autobiography of Roy Cohn as well as several biographies written about him. I have more books about him and McCarthy strewn about my car somewhere, i should probably get around to cleaning it at some point today, it is getting rather nasty

Im getting a decent amount of hours at work, still less than i would like with how available i am this week. However that will all change next week when i go back to school! I looked at the prices for my books yesterday and nothing was too crazy, i was surprised to see my science book was written specifically for Rhode Island College by the professors.

Its kind sad that school starts soon as my summer has not been that exciting, but it has been filled with shows as the fall will be. Oh, i also put together my schedule for Suddenly Last Summer (which i finally found out i will be directing in the fall a few weeks ago) and i am continuing to do more dramaturgical research on it!

Also i got to see Company of Thieves and Queen Killing Kings in concert at Hell last week and they were awesome. I barely knew anything about either band and i was very impressed with both!

I have been very sick the past few days, so nothing much exciting there. I still am going to force myself to go to the midnight Half Blood Prince premier tonight.

I am eating a CVS brand Cold-eeze losenge and i have to say it feels like it is burning the inside of my mouth. I wonder if thats a drawback to the CVS brand or just the product itself, hmmm...

I really miss having molly around during the day, especially when i need someone to take care of me. As big and tough as i am at 26 (dont laugh!) i still need taking care of when i am not well! I think that is true for pretty much everyone though, i only hope that i dont get her sick although seeing as ive been staying at the apartment i dont know if she can escape the germs!

Anyways, not much else is going on, only in rehearsals for "Fools" right now but i start Angels in America rehearsals in a little over a month. I am very excited about Angels! And the only plus side about me being sick is i am shedding a lot of weight, which is what i needed to do for the sickly old Roy Cohn! Granted i think i would prefer diet and excercise...but you take what you get!

Life at the moment
Been really busy lately

Schedule is typically wake up around 11, go to the gym

Reheharsal for "Fool for Love" at 1PM in Bristol till 3PM
Return to Providence
Theater History at 4PM-6PM
Return to Bristol
Rehearsal for "Fools" 7 or later till whenever we get done
Drinks with Chuck after rehearsal

I'm glad i got to hang with Chuck after rehearsal, i havent talked to him in forever. I also am glad we have a couple scenes together in this show, as although we we're in "You Can't Take It With You" together we we're never on stage at the same time.

"Fool for Love" is proving to be the most challenging role I have had yet, because of the brute toughness of the character and his sexy cowboy aura which i like. Creating that without seeming false is what is proving really difficult for me. Also harnessing his intimidating nature without yelling or coming across as phony is really tough as well. Add to that the fact that I don't think the girl I play across from likes me that much and it makes the show pretty hard work. Love the stage manager and director though, and my other cast mates as well.

Last night i talked about the trouble i was having in the show with my dad and he looked it over and gave me some good readings. It ended up really working for me, helping me harness that anger without seeming fake or over-the-top. It was the first time i got acting advice from my father, but i have no idea why i didnt ask earlier. It was really helpful! We also talked about "All My Sons" and he said he would love to play the father someday, and i want to be the son! And my mother would make a great Mrs. Keller! AHHH! I really think i am going to try and convince PCT to do this next Spring, as i know i will be able to pull together a great show out of it!

Looking to go to sixflags soon with JustinMikeHunt and some other peeps, that'll be good as i haven't been in quiet a while! Also looking to go back to NYC, hopefully to see a few shows and maybe visit some friends as well!

Shows Im hoping to see in NYC (obviously i wont get to see all of them)

Waiting for Godot
Next to Normal
God of Carnage
Exit the King
Reasons to be Pretty
August: Osage County

I'm excited to go to rehearsal today, maybe hang out with Ace and my friend Eric later today. Then possibly dinner with the family!

Imrov-tastic day
So after spending far too much of the morning here on lj looking over my past life (BB- before blogging) i decided to go to an imrpov workshop in Warwick with some of the cast of Unexpected Company. I wasnt expecting much, but it ended up being a two and half hour workshop that was very informative and extremely fun

We covered the "rules" of Improv and when to break them, those rules being:

Don't Ask Questions
Don't Negate
Dont Change the Scene, go with it!

I ended up being raped by a Chicken, being a half-fish man son of a crack-whore fish and being the PR guy for Sham-wow. All in all it was the best improv I've done in a long time, and made me want to do it

Then i watched Unexpected Company and they were GREAT, as soon as they have auditions again I am going to go for it! The guy who runs them Frank hinted that he would like me to audition, and its a paid acting job so hellz yeah! Im definitly going back for the next workshop, it can only better me as an actor!

Next UC show is next Sunday at 7:17 at the Warwick Art Museum. Check them out!

Two years later...
Apparently I'm a big fan on taking a ridiculous amount of time between LJ updates. Quite the contrast to when i first got this seven years ago, and all the unnecessary drama that caused!

I think that just means I am more focused on my life now, and right now I've got more going on than ever before, and i love it!

Im in three shows right now:

Fool for Love by Sam Shepard: Going up at Roger Williams University as part of their summer theater program, very big part, very excited! Goes up in June

Fools by Neil Simon: A hilarious comedy where i get to play a Villain with a Russian accent, im going to do Walter Koeing proud (thats the original Chekov for all you non Trekkies). This goes up in August at RWU

Angels In America by Tony Kushner. This is a HUGE drama, and i am so excited and honored to be a part of it, should be my biggest challenge to date as an actor and im looking forward to it!

Also looking into grad schools, possibly going to be teaching in the fall and i will be directing in the fall, most likely twice. Once with the RIC Growing Stage and once with the Portsmouth Community Theater. All very exciting stuff!

Im moving in with Mollinski soon, although we've essential been living together for a year now so its not too big a change. It will be nice to have more personal space without her roommate walking around

Working at BN and Doing audiobooks (2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut should be out soon, read by me!) is keeping me financially comfortable so all is well! Thats probably why I haven't updated in so long, lifes been good...nothing to bitch about anymore!

Only took me 24 years...
So as of June 1st i will officially be moved out of my house...finally. Moving in to a great apartment in West Warwick with two of my best friends, hopefully getting my life back in order and finishing college in the next year

I got the lead in One Flew Over the Cukoos nest this fall at RIC (Jack Nicolsons part in the movie "mcmurphy"), and i also got an Intership with Senator Jack Reed. Add work and school to that and its going to be a busy semester. Which is good, as im single again for the first time in a while, Kristen and i kinda grew apart and shes moving to Wisconsin so its for the best. We haven't ruled out the possibility of someday getting back together, but i have to get my life in order and she needs to finish grad school. Im glad we got to spend the time together that we did, and if we stay friends who know whatll happen. I think its good for me to be single, i was focusing more on her than i was my own life but now thats all going to change

So im now packing my life away, i found a series of pictures of people i havent seen in forever, of me and bart, and i realized ive had an amazing life with amazing friends. Itll be five year since Bart was murdered this year, and im so pissed at myself for not accomplishing my goals i set forth in the days after his death. Changing things in my life, focusing more on politics and changing the world so that no crazy person could get a gun. In the wake of Virgina Tech i felt a pang of self loathing, making guns unavailable to those who have shown a history of insanity was one of my main goals after Bart's Murder. Maybe now when i work with Senator reed i can change things, and maybe not but at least ill feel like im trying

Now to say thank you, if anyone still reads this then they are a friend, and even if your not thanks for reading. Time to continue packing my life await, and anticipating the change ive waited so long for...

Yes, i am in fact...alive. I know, i know, hold back your shock

The summer was pretty busy what with working, madwoman and spending time with Kristen. But it was certainly fun, however its coming to a close. It just one month Kristen leaves for europe till december. Now THAT is going to seriously suck. Other than that ive got Foreigner rehearsals starting August 22nd and i hope to have fun and make a good impression, even if my part is tiny i want to help out.

Thats pretty much my update, come buy Frapps at BN and help me out...hopefully we will win the competition.

Sweet Charity, Sweet Life
I think i must have blinked and missed most of this semester. Its gone by so fast its just incredible, but i guess semesters just arent as long as they were in high school, and with the booming new relationship i started in febuary it made they usually dreadful middle of the semester speed by. Being in the musical helped too as ive been constantly busy with that in some way

On the relationship front Kristen is amazing, ive been spening pretty much every other night staying with her and its wonderful. Watching episodes of Lost and The colbert report is always good times, and just staying up all night talking. Thats not a good thing however when i have morning classes, but seeing as i get insomnia a lot of the time when im not with her, it dosent matter much anyways. We've been together for just over two months now and its by far the best start to a relationship ive ever had.

On the work front, i havent been working much at all, so theyre really isnt that much to say there. Hopefully after this week ill be getting more hours. To make up for my lack of funds from BN ive been selling my old wrestling dvds on, quite sucessfully too. I just have to remember to ship them out when im supposed too.

On the family front, i took Kristen to see my extended family on easter and she fit in just fine. My little cousin Jenna took to her very quickly and we had a good time playing with her and little brian in the backyard for a while. Kristens family sees each other a lot more than mine, i just wish i saw my extended family more, those kids are fun

Friendship front, im slacking on the home front as my best friend Cory hasnt even met Kristen yet. Nor have Justin and Lindsay seen her, but i have at least hung out with them since we started dating. The last time i saw Cory was...March something, not sure when. At school however ive got a lot of great friends, recently Mark Ketchen, Eric D and Jen D becoming quiet cool peeps in my book. And ive always got Kristy, Missy, Bobby, KMart, Kbroc and a slew of others to talk too. So im a happy man, just got into the show KBroc is doing in June, which might mean ill be going to Smuggs on sunday instead of saturday, and also means ill be coming back on thursday morning. I still must go though!

School front, im doing well in all my classes and cant wait to wrap them up, ive singed up for four summer classes although i dont know how many of those im going to actually end up in. Either way, i hope to at least get two classes done o'er the summer

The big thing this week is Sweet Charity opening, my first show at RIC and its a big one. Big Costumes, Big Hair, Big Makeup, Big Set Pieces, Big Band, Big Bang, Big Show (No, the Big Show will not be making an appearence! Im an ensemble member that leaves people rolling in the eisles at some points, so be sure to check it out this thursday, friday and saturday at 8 and Saturday and Sunday at 2PM at Rhode Island Collges Roberts Hall. Be There!

And on that note, im off, i missed seeing the Frouge on the quad as i over slept but i still have stuff to do on the island anyways...Ta Ta!

Youll Find Happiness in Rio
So its spring break, gives me a bit of time to reflect on the past few weeks which have been just amazing. And the outlook on my life is pretty good, because of Kristen im probably going to be in Europe at some point in November/October and i am SO excited. Ive always wanted to go to Europe, but never had enough motivation. But seeing Kristens gonna be living in France for three months, and ill get to see her for one week during the middle of that...thats enough motivation, seeing her

So tonight/tommorow morning marks three weeks of us being "official" and i couldnt be happier, in that time ive met pretty much her entire extended family and they LIKE ME! And i like them, such a change from my last couple relationships. Getting along with the folks is a big plus, and Kristen is glad that i fit in as well. Kristen and i have so much in common its a bit scary, and we think so much alike as well, have the same sense of humor...Shes just an amazing person who is so easy to get along with, and to fall in love with. Yes, weve been using that four letter word a lot to each other, and it makes me very happy. Being in love is a fun thing, being out of it for so long last year...wasnt. Kristen has definitly turned my year around and i cant wait to spend the next three days with her before she leaves for florida.

Charity rehearsals started two weeks ago and we had a run through of Act 1 on friday and it went AMAZING. The dancing is out of this world amazing, i was so impressed and i only saw the Froug. We have yet to choereograph any of ACT 2 and im slightly nervous about Rythem of Life as im going to front and center dancing and singing as Daddys Assistant. The scene work is great, Kristen (diffrent Kristen, lol) is great as Charity and fits the role perfectly. Andrew is doing fantastic as Vittorio and Erica is fun to work with as Ursula and Woman #1 at the Y. I havent been this excited for a show in a long long time and it makes me very happy

Well, thats my update for now, im off to take a nap cause im sure im gonna use up lots of energy tonight. Adios.

Amazing Weekend!
Despite the fact that i ended up not sleeping, i ended up at a Bar satururday night with a terrible band that had Fox News on the tv (ie hell), this was an absolutely amazing weekend. Me and Kristen as we went to see Urinetown friday and had an amazing time, then i spent all night saturday night talking her head off while at the bar and then came sunday...

Work on sunday actually went by pretty quickly, then after work Kristen had invited me to a presidents day party at URI in which everyone was dressing up as their favorite politician. I went as Bono, and Murphette went as Hilliary Clinton (though Kristen was about 10 billion times better looking) but before we could get to URI i needed some food so we swung by Shaws. Both Kristen and i were trying to avoid running into a certain someone there so when he came around the corner i told kristen to walk faster, of course she was carrying a very loud box of macaroni and cheese at the time which made her stealth mode kind of loud!

After the amusment there we headed back to Kristens GORGEOUS pad (which im very glad to say it looks like ill be spending a lot of time there) in Narragannsett and played Harry Potter Scene-It! before the party was to start. Then it was on our way, and the party was awesome. Good times, good drinks and crazy poli-sci majors (and i thought the theater kids were bad!). After many hours it was time for us to go and i couldnt find my keys and spent a good long time looking...turns out i left them back at Kristens house...whoops!

As we got back it was like 3am or something like that and i said id sleep on the couch, but Kristen told me not to. So i ended up on her HUGE bed with her (so in other words, in heaven) holding her hand and just talking for hours. After we got tired of talking we kissed, and then we went back to talking till well into the morning, mixing in a fair amount of kissing along the way. It was one of the most giggly, awesome and totally dorky nights ive had ever, and it just made me realize how amazing Kristen really is

Eventually i had to leave (Sadness) and go to school, i was barely conscious and had been up for almost 48 hours when i left school in a haze. But it didnt matter, because this weekend was just magic. I am SO LUCKY to have found someone as beautiful as Kristen who i have so much in common with

Well, i should be sleeping, so im going to go back to trying that whole thing...that was it for my dorkified rant


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