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Amazing Weekend!
Despite the fact that i ended up not sleeping, i ended up at a Bar satururday night with a terrible band that had Fox News on the tv (ie hell), this was an absolutely amazing weekend. Me and Kristen as we went to see Urinetown friday and had an amazing time, then i spent all night saturday night talking her head off while at the bar and then came sunday...

Work on sunday actually went by pretty quickly, then after work Kristen had invited me to a presidents day party at URI in which everyone was dressing up as their favorite politician. I went as Bono, and Murphette went as Hilliary Clinton (though Kristen was about 10 billion times better looking) but before we could get to URI i needed some food so we swung by Shaws. Both Kristen and i were trying to avoid running into a certain someone there so when he came around the corner i told kristen to walk faster, of course she was carrying a very loud box of macaroni and cheese at the time which made her stealth mode kind of loud!

After the amusment there we headed back to Kristens GORGEOUS pad (which im very glad to say it looks like ill be spending a lot of time there) in Narragannsett and played Harry Potter Scene-It! before the party was to start. Then it was on our way, and the party was awesome. Good times, good drinks and crazy poli-sci majors (and i thought the theater kids were bad!). After many hours it was time for us to go and i couldnt find my keys and spent a good long time looking...turns out i left them back at Kristens house...whoops!

As we got back it was like 3am or something like that and i said id sleep on the couch, but Kristen told me not to. So i ended up on her HUGE bed with her (so in other words, in heaven) holding her hand and just talking for hours. After we got tired of talking we kissed, and then we went back to talking till well into the morning, mixing in a fair amount of kissing along the way. It was one of the most giggly, awesome and totally dorky nights ive had ever, and it just made me realize how amazing Kristen really is

Eventually i had to leave (Sadness) and go to school, i was barely conscious and had been up for almost 48 hours when i left school in a haze. But it didnt matter, because this weekend was just magic. I am SO LUCKY to have found someone as beautiful as Kristen who i have so much in common with

Well, i should be sleeping, so im going to go back to trying that whole thing...that was it for my dorkified rant


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