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Youll Find Happiness in Rio
So its spring break, gives me a bit of time to reflect on the past few weeks which have been just amazing. And the outlook on my life is pretty good, because of Kristen im probably going to be in Europe at some point in November/October and i am SO excited. Ive always wanted to go to Europe, but never had enough motivation. But seeing Kristens gonna be living in France for three months, and ill get to see her for one week during the middle of that...thats enough motivation, seeing her

So tonight/tommorow morning marks three weeks of us being "official" and i couldnt be happier, in that time ive met pretty much her entire extended family and they LIKE ME! And i like them, such a change from my last couple relationships. Getting along with the folks is a big plus, and Kristen is glad that i fit in as well. Kristen and i have so much in common its a bit scary, and we think so much alike as well, have the same sense of humor...Shes just an amazing person who is so easy to get along with, and to fall in love with. Yes, weve been using that four letter word a lot to each other, and it makes me very happy. Being in love is a fun thing, being out of it for so long last year...wasnt. Kristen has definitly turned my year around and i cant wait to spend the next three days with her before she leaves for florida.

Charity rehearsals started two weeks ago and we had a run through of Act 1 on friday and it went AMAZING. The dancing is out of this world amazing, i was so impressed and i only saw the Froug. We have yet to choereograph any of ACT 2 and im slightly nervous about Rythem of Life as im going to front and center dancing and singing as Daddys Assistant. The scene work is great, Kristen (diffrent Kristen, lol) is great as Charity and fits the role perfectly. Andrew is doing fantastic as Vittorio and Erica is fun to work with as Ursula and Woman #1 at the Y. I havent been this excited for a show in a long long time and it makes me very happy

Well, thats my update for now, im off to take a nap cause im sure im gonna use up lots of energy tonight. Adios.


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