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Sweet Charity, Sweet Life
I think i must have blinked and missed most of this semester. Its gone by so fast its just incredible, but i guess semesters just arent as long as they were in high school, and with the booming new relationship i started in febuary it made they usually dreadful middle of the semester speed by. Being in the musical helped too as ive been constantly busy with that in some way

On the relationship front Kristen is amazing, ive been spening pretty much every other night staying with her and its wonderful. Watching episodes of Lost and The colbert report is always good times, and just staying up all night talking. Thats not a good thing however when i have morning classes, but seeing as i get insomnia a lot of the time when im not with her, it dosent matter much anyways. We've been together for just over two months now and its by far the best start to a relationship ive ever had.

On the work front, i havent been working much at all, so theyre really isnt that much to say there. Hopefully after this week ill be getting more hours. To make up for my lack of funds from BN ive been selling my old wrestling dvds on, quite sucessfully too. I just have to remember to ship them out when im supposed too.

On the family front, i took Kristen to see my extended family on easter and she fit in just fine. My little cousin Jenna took to her very quickly and we had a good time playing with her and little brian in the backyard for a while. Kristens family sees each other a lot more than mine, i just wish i saw my extended family more, those kids are fun

Friendship front, im slacking on the home front as my best friend Cory hasnt even met Kristen yet. Nor have Justin and Lindsay seen her, but i have at least hung out with them since we started dating. The last time i saw Cory was...March something, not sure when. At school however ive got a lot of great friends, recently Mark Ketchen, Eric D and Jen D becoming quiet cool peeps in my book. And ive always got Kristy, Missy, Bobby, KMart, Kbroc and a slew of others to talk too. So im a happy man, just got into the show KBroc is doing in June, which might mean ill be going to Smuggs on sunday instead of saturday, and also means ill be coming back on thursday morning. I still must go though!

School front, im doing well in all my classes and cant wait to wrap them up, ive singed up for four summer classes although i dont know how many of those im going to actually end up in. Either way, i hope to at least get two classes done o'er the summer

The big thing this week is Sweet Charity opening, my first show at RIC and its a big one. Big Costumes, Big Hair, Big Makeup, Big Set Pieces, Big Band, Big Bang, Big Show (No, the Big Show will not be making an appearence! Im an ensemble member that leaves people rolling in the eisles at some points, so be sure to check it out this thursday, friday and saturday at 8 and Saturday and Sunday at 2PM at Rhode Island Collges Roberts Hall. Be There!

And on that note, im off, i missed seeing the Frouge on the quad as i over slept but i still have stuff to do on the island anyways...Ta Ta!

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Fine, don't even give me a shout-out in the friends section. ;)

Well I don't know if you've got plans on Saturday night, but you should bring her to Gillary's to see us play!

Oh. I just read the last half of the entry... so uh... nevermind then. lol

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