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Only took me 24 years...
So as of June 1st i will officially be moved out of my house...finally. Moving in to a great apartment in West Warwick with two of my best friends, hopefully getting my life back in order and finishing college in the next year

I got the lead in One Flew Over the Cukoos nest this fall at RIC (Jack Nicolsons part in the movie "mcmurphy"), and i also got an Intership with Senator Jack Reed. Add work and school to that and its going to be a busy semester. Which is good, as im single again for the first time in a while, Kristen and i kinda grew apart and shes moving to Wisconsin so its for the best. We haven't ruled out the possibility of someday getting back together, but i have to get my life in order and she needs to finish grad school. Im glad we got to spend the time together that we did, and if we stay friends who know whatll happen. I think its good for me to be single, i was focusing more on her than i was my own life but now thats all going to change

So im now packing my life away, i found a series of pictures of people i havent seen in forever, of me and bart, and i realized ive had an amazing life with amazing friends. Itll be five year since Bart was murdered this year, and im so pissed at myself for not accomplishing my goals i set forth in the days after his death. Changing things in my life, focusing more on politics and changing the world so that no crazy person could get a gun. In the wake of Virgina Tech i felt a pang of self loathing, making guns unavailable to those who have shown a history of insanity was one of my main goals after Bart's Murder. Maybe now when i work with Senator reed i can change things, and maybe not but at least ill feel like im trying

Now to say thank you, if anyone still reads this then they are a friend, and even if your not thanks for reading. Time to continue packing my life await, and anticipating the change ive waited so long for...

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Wow, sounds like you have a lot going on. Muchos congrats on the internship. That sounds like it has a lot of potential. :)

And what's up with people moving to West Warwick now that I've moved out and to MD? lol.

Good luck with everything Kevin! :)

Hey I still read it but it's been so long since you wrote anything, I had wondered what happened to you!!

Glad to have you back!!

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Hi all!


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