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Two years later...
Apparently I'm a big fan on taking a ridiculous amount of time between LJ updates. Quite the contrast to when i first got this seven years ago, and all the unnecessary drama that caused!

I think that just means I am more focused on my life now, and right now I've got more going on than ever before, and i love it!

Im in three shows right now:

Fool for Love by Sam Shepard: Going up at Roger Williams University as part of their summer theater program, very big part, very excited! Goes up in June

Fools by Neil Simon: A hilarious comedy where i get to play a Villain with a Russian accent, im going to do Walter Koeing proud (thats the original Chekov for all you non Trekkies). This goes up in August at RWU

Angels In America by Tony Kushner. This is a HUGE drama, and i am so excited and honored to be a part of it, should be my biggest challenge to date as an actor and im looking forward to it!

Also looking into grad schools, possibly going to be teaching in the fall and i will be directing in the fall, most likely twice. Once with the RIC Growing Stage and once with the Portsmouth Community Theater. All very exciting stuff!

Im moving in with Mollinski soon, although we've essential been living together for a year now so its not too big a change. It will be nice to have more personal space without her roommate walking around

Working at BN and Doing audiobooks (2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut should be out soon, read by me!) is keeping me financially comfortable so all is well! Thats probably why I haven't updated in so long, lifes been good...nothing to bitch about anymore!

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Sounds like a lot of fools in those plays!

And this must be why you never answer phone calls or emails :(

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