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Imrov-tastic day
So after spending far too much of the morning here on lj looking over my past life (BB- before blogging) i decided to go to an imrpov workshop in Warwick with some of the cast of Unexpected Company. I wasnt expecting much, but it ended up being a two and half hour workshop that was very informative and extremely fun

We covered the "rules" of Improv and when to break them, those rules being:

Don't Ask Questions
Don't Negate
Dont Change the Scene, go with it!

I ended up being raped by a Chicken, being a half-fish man son of a crack-whore fish and being the PR guy for Sham-wow. All in all it was the best improv I've done in a long time, and made me want to do it

Then i watched Unexpected Company and they were GREAT, as soon as they have auditions again I am going to go for it! The guy who runs them Frank hinted that he would like me to audition, and its a paid acting job so hellz yeah! Im definitly going back for the next workshop, it can only better me as an actor!

Next UC show is next Sunday at 7:17 at the Warwick Art Museum. Check them out!

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I LOVE UC! The best, cheapest entertainment around, especially on a Sunday night.

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