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Life at the moment
Been really busy lately

Schedule is typically wake up around 11, go to the gym

Reheharsal for "Fool for Love" at 1PM in Bristol till 3PM
Return to Providence
Theater History at 4PM-6PM
Return to Bristol
Rehearsal for "Fools" 7 or later till whenever we get done
Drinks with Chuck after rehearsal

I'm glad i got to hang with Chuck after rehearsal, i havent talked to him in forever. I also am glad we have a couple scenes together in this show, as although we we're in "You Can't Take It With You" together we we're never on stage at the same time.

"Fool for Love" is proving to be the most challenging role I have had yet, because of the brute toughness of the character and his sexy cowboy aura which i like. Creating that without seeming false is what is proving really difficult for me. Also harnessing his intimidating nature without yelling or coming across as phony is really tough as well. Add to that the fact that I don't think the girl I play across from likes me that much and it makes the show pretty hard work. Love the stage manager and director though, and my other cast mates as well.

Last night i talked about the trouble i was having in the show with my dad and he looked it over and gave me some good readings. It ended up really working for me, helping me harness that anger without seeming fake or over-the-top. It was the first time i got acting advice from my father, but i have no idea why i didnt ask earlier. It was really helpful! We also talked about "All My Sons" and he said he would love to play the father someday, and i want to be the son! And my mother would make a great Mrs. Keller! AHHH! I really think i am going to try and convince PCT to do this next Spring, as i know i will be able to pull together a great show out of it!

Looking to go to sixflags soon with JustinMikeHunt and some other peeps, that'll be good as i haven't been in quiet a while! Also looking to go back to NYC, hopefully to see a few shows and maybe visit some friends as well!

Shows Im hoping to see in NYC (obviously i wont get to see all of them)

Waiting for Godot
Next to Normal
God of Carnage
Exit the King
Reasons to be Pretty
August: Osage County

I'm excited to go to rehearsal today, maybe hang out with Ace and my friend Eric later today. Then possibly dinner with the family!


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