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I have been very sick the past few days, so nothing much exciting there. I still am going to force myself to go to the midnight Half Blood Prince premier tonight.

I am eating a CVS brand Cold-eeze losenge and i have to say it feels like it is burning the inside of my mouth. I wonder if thats a drawback to the CVS brand or just the product itself, hmmm...

I really miss having molly around during the day, especially when i need someone to take care of me. As big and tough as i am at 26 (dont laugh!) i still need taking care of when i am not well! I think that is true for pretty much everyone though, i only hope that i dont get her sick although seeing as ive been staying at the apartment i dont know if she can escape the germs!

Anyways, not much else is going on, only in rehearsals for "Fools" right now but i start Angels in America rehearsals in a little over a month. I am very excited about Angels! And the only plus side about me being sick is i am shedding a lot of weight, which is what i needed to do for the sickly old Roy Cohn! Granted i think i would prefer diet and excercise...but you take what you get!

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I totally knocked to see if you wanted brownies and to see if you guys have my copy of Freaks and Geeks. If you get hungry tomorrow, sneak up here and steal a brownie. They're on the stove, and they're delicious.

It's not quite having a lady-friend to make chicken soup, but brownies cure cancer, so it's close.

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