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Bring Your Own Angels
I auditioned for Bring Your Own Improv these past two weeks (appearing at both auditions and participating in some of the shows). And i officially got called back and am going to be a guest member of the group (as part of my callback) on Friday, September 18th at 11PM! I am very very excited and i just hope everything works out! I really have decided that i want to pursue a teaching job and improv as my immediate plan post college. The teaching bit means i would have to get into grad school somewhere close if i want to stay in BYOI, if i get in at all that is!

Angels in America rehearsals are going well, i only need to be there for 45 minutes today which kind of stinks because my family went to Six Flags today. They assumed i could just miss the 45 minute rehearsal, but with the intensity of the rehearsal and the fact that i already had to miss one because of Fools means i cant really miss another! I am liking how my character is developing, im reading the autobiography of Roy Cohn as well as several biographies written about him. I have more books about him and McCarthy strewn about my car somewhere, i should probably get around to cleaning it at some point today, it is getting rather nasty

Im getting a decent amount of hours at work, still less than i would like with how available i am this week. However that will all change next week when i go back to school! I looked at the prices for my books yesterday and nothing was too crazy, i was surprised to see my science book was written specifically for Rhode Island College by the professors.

Its kind sad that school starts soon as my summer has not been that exciting, but it has been filled with shows as the fall will be. Oh, i also put together my schedule for Suddenly Last Summer (which i finally found out i will be directing in the fall a few weeks ago) and i am continuing to do more dramaturgical research on it!

Also i got to see Company of Thieves and Queen Killing Kings in concert at Hell last week and they were awesome. I barely knew anything about either band and i was very impressed with both!

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Wow, sounds like you're keeping busy with a lot going on!

Which science class are you taking? My phys-sci lab manual was written by a bunch of professors, and they custom-ordered the text books so they only had the chapters we'd need.

Pretty sveet, huh.

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