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Saw Urinetown at URI with Murphette tonight and it was AWESOME. I Reccomend everyone check it out. And i decided that i need to play Officer Lockstock before i die...that part was WRITTEN for me...yup, thats it for this update...Go see the damn show already

First Week Back
Well its my first week back at school and im very excited about the potential for this semester to kick ass. All my theater classes are amazing, my math teacher is nice (ableit the subject matter is a bit beneath me...i did multiplication tables this week) and my Anthro teacher is really motivated. Were going to be doing a census of all the African immigrants living in RI, which should be quite awesome. The only thing im not happy with is the amount of books i need for Urban Anthro

Jen Swain is an awesome teacher and Period Styles seems like its going to be an amazing class, im working on a Shakespeare scene with Chris Rosenquest and Ian that should be HILLARIOUS. Just wokring through the material in that class is going to be awesome. As for Class with Second Story Bob he finally figured out that yes, theres only one Killavey family and he was quite amused at that. He had is do monolouges and he pretty much said what i thought he was going to, then he assigned me and Bonnie a scene from the play "Raised in Captivity" and i think the scene is going to be kicking.

The downfall of all this is how much this week drained me...and this was ONE WEEK of classes. Im not gonna be able to handle the commute come Charity time, so im hoping Kristy lets me crash on her floor every so often, or maybe ill just sleep in my car if i have to but theres no way i can drive home so late from rehearsals.

Im excited about the possibilites this week has presented, and the good news from my dad that digitizing all our audiobooks means im going to be able to go to grad school and live on my own when in 25 (we will be getting 60,000$+ dollars a year JUST from people downloading our audiobooks) maybe even sooner if im lucky.

As far as work goes im sort of running the Cafe ship for the time being till we find someone full time. Which is bad because id never done the food order before and was thrown into it last week, the result is this week we have a LOT of extra stuff. Anyhoo, i gotta get to bed since ive gotta work in the morning

Reunion Pics
For all of you who havent seen these crappy pictures yet, here are the pics i took from the High School Reunion of sorts we had last friday"


Long F*cking Day
So last night Shelly told me she needed a ride to the airport this morning...but she had to be there at 5am. This was as i was getting out of work at 11. However, i knew she needed to go to Florida to be with her family as her father was dieing and i wanted her to go, so i figured it would be easy and i could take her and have time to sleep before school

It didnt take more than an hour for me to go the airport and back and when i got home i just couldnt seem to sleep, i kind of went of in a haze and before i knew it my alarm was ringing. I didnt give myself much time to get ready so i had to take a quick shower, only problem was my shower was barely giving any water i waited. And eventually the water came out full blast but it was SCORCHING. This...was not a good start to my day

So i got to school on time and had my second test in pyschical anthro. I hadnt had anytime to study in the past 24 hours so i thought i would choke, but it actually ended up being quite easy.

After that i had a pretty long break so i went to the theater lounge and talked with chuck for a bit before meeting up with katherine to rehearse our scene. We ran it about a billion times and got it pretty much down before class. When class started Ian and Courtney went first and they, of course, were awesome. Me and Katherine followed and did allright, but there were problems with some of our props and i dont think it came off as great on my end as it could have.

After that class it was off to Intro where i had a quick quiz which i think i did aight on, then we literally had "show and tell". Class got out early and i went to quiznos to get some grub (hadnt been to one in ages, and stumbled on one near RIC while i was driving aimlessly). Then i came back to buy my ticket for All My Sons. Luckily Katie was working the box office as i didnt have my ID (still havent gotten it...i should get on that...) and i ended up sitting in between Pat and Romero, er...Eric. The show was awesome, i went in thinking negativly of the show simply because i dont like Brecht and i didnt like the fact that Naum cut a lot from the show. But it ended up being so powerful that i realized i shouldnt have ever judged before i saw the final product. Everyone did a great job and it made me excited to someday get to work on that stage

Hopefully ill be auditioning for A Lie of the Mind soon which is gonna be directed by Second Story Bob, who happens to be good friends with my parents. Whether that will play to my advantage or not time will tell, but it does mean i will not be just another face in the crowd. The only problem i have with Lie of the Mind is that it conflicts with Kevin Delaneys show and i really want to work with him (Killavey and Denaley, come on...thats priceless) because this is his last year.

I had also pretty much decided i wasnt auditioning for the musical too, but now im not so sure. I really do want to have somewhat of a life next semester, and i think ill be happy if i just do one show...and for me, there is always next years musical which will give me more time to work on my dancing before then.

Speaking of musicals, because i saw All My Sons tonight i can go see Cabaret this weekend at my old College BCC. Im very intrested to see how they pulled it off, and im sure its gonna be great as well.

So that was it...a day that started at 4am and is ending in a few moments (about midnight). All My Sons kicked ass, everyone who was in it did a great job and now i REALLY REALLLY need sleep

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Back to School Goodness
So it was back to school this week and i was all set to make a great impression on the theatre kids. I also got a major haircut/shaved before school and it ended up making me look like a freshmen (which is good because i have a lot of freshmen classes...but its bad because im NOT A FRESHMAN, im not even a a fucking senior...GAH!). My first attempt to make a good impression on the theatre kids failed as i tried to walk into the theatre student lounge by pulling the door open, but it wouldnt open! I tried a few more times till i looked up *through the glass doors* to see everyone telling me to push...ah well, at least they will remember me!

Anyways, i met a lot of cool peeps and was able to hit it off with people in my classes a lot quicker because of A. The fact that most of them are theatre classes and B. Because i tried harder. Sure i made good friends in my Western History class last semester, but it took me a WHILE of that class before i really started talking to any of them.

Ive already made one good friend, hooked back up with an old friend and become known to the entirety of the theatre department as Kake...which is good, since there are like a dozen kevins.

My physical anthro class inspired me to start working on a screenplay about the life of Charles Darwin, im gonna call it "The Naturalist" and its gonna tell you the parts of his life you dont hear about. Like him skipping school while one of his best friends went and studied hard, Charles making friends with the right people to get offered the job as Naturalist on a 3 Year journey which had MANY dangerous encounters. Also it will show of course how he came up with the theory of evolution, and a fellow student of his came up with the same theory with better science behind it...but Darwin published first, so he is known as the farther of it. Should be Really intresting if i get into it enough

Going to see Justins Band tonight, FINALLY, ive had so many oppurtunities but tonight is the night im really pretty psyched too, it should be awesome. DRAW THE LINE BAYBAY!

Allright, now im gonna go clean my room before taking one of my coworkers out for his last meal before he leaves for college

Peace Out Homies

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My first short film script
Shooting begins for this short film this weekend, im REALLY proud of this and think its my strongest script. Has a lot of basis in reality, and might hit too close to home for certain people but believe me the reality and fantasy are very closely woven together so dont take anything personally. Especially Cory, who is one of the main charecters in this movie...but i dont think he wil have a problem with that!

Here it is:

The Stranger

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Meeting Matt Hardy at RoH
So i went to my 16th RoH show last night and afterwards i got to meet Matt Hardy, and be filme for the He was an AWESOME person! Kind, Humble and very down to earth. He was very gracious and appreciative of the oppurtunity he was given, and he even made fun of himself for sweating so much...saying he has had to wrestle a REAL match like that in god knows how long.

I really do feel bad for him if this whole thing ISNT a work, if it is then it was damm sure well done. Either way he was a legit nice guy (shades of Rico for those who have met him) he went out of his way for the fans and put on one hell of a performance in his match.

Heres my full review of the show for anyone intrested:

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The Definitive Smuggs Updated Days 1-2
Day 1

Cory and I met up at his house early, he packed his things into my car and got a note from his cousin Dustin which Dustin said not to open up till we reached smuggs. So as soon as we pulled out of the driveway we looked at it, and it read "I Poop My Pants" in nice big letters, this was amusing now but would be used in a much more amusing way later in the week

Cory and I were alone in my car and we had to meet up with my parents and grandmother in Providence, but we needed gas first. So we went to the gas station near Cory's House, but as i pulled up to the pump i noticed a sign on the pump that said "Out of Gas", so i went to the next pump, which had the same sign. It soon became clear that the ENTIRE gas station was in fact, out of gas. So we drove down the road a bit more and got gas at Getty, and Cory bought some cigarettes which we smoked on the way up. I made the first of many calls to Chadwick on the way there and thus our Journey began...till we stopped in Fall River so i could get food

I ate some Tim Hortons hot choclate and a donut before walking next store and getting a toothbrush and toothpaste (which of course, i had forgotten). Then we were off...till we got to providence. Once at providence my dad took my car home and my grandmother, mother, cory and i were off...FINALLY

Several Hours later we had arrived (twas about six hours). As soon as we arrived i went straight for the convience store where one of the workers (Brad) remembered me from last year. That was quite amusing. After we got settled in Cory and i wandered around for a while, played a game of mini-golf and soon found ourselves at the Smuggs Bar at around 730 talking with the Bartender Chris. Chris was mad cool, and it was only like his second week working at Smuggs. But before the end of the night he was giving me and Cory free drinks, mainly because we were the only people in the bar most of the night. We actually left the bar and came back at some point, because there was an acoustic show that night which was happening when we came back.

The woman playing was in her 40's or so and was quite good, she even took my requests for Robert Johnson and BB King. Cory and i scared the bartender by taking straight shots of Midori (which i guess he had never seen). And Cory scared the performer when she came up to the bar and ordered a Coffee and Sambuca and Cory looked right at her and yelled in very Joey Lawrence esq Manner "WOAH!"and then he went right back to talking to me, leaving her looking very perplexed.

After several drinks Cory and i wandered off to the Gazebo where Cory unsucessfully tried to hit on a girl who walked by. I then told him that wasnt how to do it, and he montioned to another group of girls headed our way and i shouted a hello at them, only to have one of the girls come running into my arms and give me a big hug! Leaving cory looking very confused. I soon introduced Cory to my old friend Kim, who i hadnt seen in two years but i was very glad to have found. We talked with Kim and her friends for a bit before Kims friends wandered off and Cory, Kim and i went to see if Pete was home, and this time he was (we had wandered by there a few times earlier). Unfortunatly Pete was feeling a bit down as he had no Tailor with him and he was having post breakup depression, which is totally understandable. So we drank and chilled with him for a bit before Kim had to go home. Pete, Cory and i walked over to the clocktower to wait for Chadwick who should have been arriving any moment, and within about twenty minutes of us talking Chad had arrived

We had a nice big hug and the four of us went back to Petes placed and jammed for a bit before we all parted ways to go to bed

Day 2

Cory and I woke up and had eggs for breakfast before i headed over to Petes place before a bit. Pete soon realized it was fathers day and he hadnt done anything forh is dad, so he took him out to brunch and i went back home. We swung by Chads, but his mother wouldnt let us in because she wasnt fully clothed so chad came out and talked with us for a bit and said he would meet up with us later. Unfortunatly for him he too would end up going out for brunch with his family, this left me and cory to our own devices. So we just vegged out at the apartment, i sat on the couch and Cory took a nap. After and hour or so i called Cory (who was like 40ft away) and told him we needed to get out of the house, he asked me where i was and i told him the living room to which he replied "Loser", i just felt like being lazy.

So me and Cory wandered around looking for girls and soon posted ourselves by the clocktower. Withing a few minutes Lynne and her friends/family arrived (Danielle, J-Lo, Steve) and i Lynne a hug and we said we would meet up later. After that Pete gave me a call saying he was back from brunch and we went over there and chilled with him for a bit before Chad called and met up with us. Cory wandered off and Pete, Chad and I went on a booze run (the first of many for the week). Soon Lynne called Chad and told us they were going swimming, and we went tointercept them before they reached the pool. We all said our hellos then Chad, Pete and i went back to Petes and jammed for a good long while. Cory had wandered off to see if he could hit on a girl at the convience store who hit on him. She said "Nice Shirt" when he was wearing a Sublime shirt, he replied with "You Too" (she was wearing the shirt all smuggs employees have to wear, a polo with the logo) but she laughed a LOT, so it was a good sign for Y2C.

Soon it was time for Dinner and Cory, Chad and I had Spagehtti and Meatballs that my grandmother made. Right after that Chad and I went to his place while Cory went off on his own again. Chad made me listen to some really cool bands and he also ate some more with his family. After that Chad and i headed down to the green to meet up with everyone else (Pete, Cory, Lynne, Danielle, Steveo, Jlo) and some people who had just got there (Christina, Bret). When Chad and I got there Cory was already pretty buzzed, so much so that he ran up to the children participating in a big activity on the green holding up his sign that said "I poop my pants". One Father said "Your setting a bad example" To which cory raised his hand in victory and shouted. After the Shennanigans there we moved slightly to the right to the Gazebo and Jammed there till after sunset.

Son we all ended up at Petes place drinking and singing, till Petes dad yelled at us and we had to move the party elsewhere. Pretty much everyone dispersed at this poing leaving Pete, Me Chad, Lynne and Danielle wandering up towards the clocktower. Pete was getting really depressed at this point and i tried to cheer him up, he seemed genuinly happy when he realized that even though i only see him one week a year i really do care about how he feels (you rock pete!)

Soon Cory (who was on a never ending quest to find cigarrettes) came back with Kim and JAMIE~! (who i know is going to read this, so im making her feel important). Cory had an amusing story of how he met up with Kim, as he had wandered off with Steveo and JLo to the teen center where cory soon began asking everyone for cigarrettes. He was soon approached by a girl who asked him if was trying to pick up 15 year olds. Cory snapped at her and said "Im just trying to find some fucking cigarettes". The Girl soon asked Cory "Where is Kevin?" to which Cory looked at her and his face went white when he realized "Your Kim arent you...Oh...Im Sooo Sorry". Cory spent most of the night apologising to Kim, lol.

Eventually everyone met up at the clocktower and we chilled there before the cops showed up on complaints of people being intoxicated in public. Bret shouted we should hide the crack as the cops showed up (Bret was on his phone a few yards away), Pete and i had a nice talk with the police which ended with them saying "Obviously you arent the group we were looking for, you folks have a goodnight now". That was one of many run ins with the Smuggs Rent-a Cops. After that Bret left and Pete and Danielle wandered off while Cory, Lynne, Chad, Steveo, Jlo and myself went into the building the bar is in, to the area where the ben in jerrys normally is (this was about 12 midnight, but the building is always open). Chad then broke into the janitors closet and we all put on these blue rubber gloves and contimplated breaking into the pizza place as we were all VERY hungry. But instead we just used the water cooler that was in the ben and jerrys and filled the gloves up into makeshift water balloons. It was fun as we all took kegstands from the water and had a little water war. Afterwards we soon realize we had to find Pete and Danielle, so Steveo and Jlo went home while Chad, Lynne, Cory and myself split up into two teams to find them.

I found them as they had dived into Mountainside pool, which seemed like an awesome idea as it was rather cold out and the water was steaming. But as they were drying off they got very cold, so we briefly went back to Petes place for them to get dried off before we all headed home. A Good True first night...and oh boy would we top it before the week was through...


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